I don’t want mush for brains

So…for a while now, I have been enjoying reading a blog of a dear friend that keeps me in stitches.  Then I thought to myself that I could blog…then I set up a blogsite.  Well…that was three weeks ago.  I keep starting a first post, then the pressure gets to me and I just can’t think of anything witty, entertaining, thoughtful, or even coherent to type – that may have something to do with the fact that I’m a sleep deprived mother of a 9 week old baby girl – my brain has turned to mush.  I haven’t been working in 2 months, and I haven’t been in school for a year and a half, and I have lost all ability to write a coherent sentence…how is this possible?  In my day (like 4 years ago), I could begin a 12 page philosophy paper at 10:30 pm the night before it was due and receive a perfect grade – seriously folks – one of my papers got a 100, who gives or gets a 100 on a paper.  But that’s back when I loved to write and I did it often…many many college papers. 

Then I went to seminary and had to write some more, but this time I had to write sermons – panic sets in.  I used to think good preachers have exciting lives, because they always had clever, witty, relevant, and entertaining stories to share in their sermons that actually kept you awake in church.  Sadly, I have since learned that some get their stories from “books of generic stories to use in sermons” and pass them off as their own.  But I still want to hold onto my integrity and only use my own stories, but nothing exciting ever happens to me…or maybe I just don’t know how to identify the right story for a sermon, or perhaps I forget about stories that would be relevant.  So this is why I am going to blog…

As I look to starting back to work in January and preaching every so often, I need to be able to write again – it needs to be a habit – I’m thinking the more I write, the easier it will become.  And I need to be able to recall all of the funny crap that does happen to and around me so I can use it when it can be relevant.  Because let’s face it folks, I can be a good biblical scholar and exegete my text well; I can be a good theologian and have sound doctrine; I can be a good Presbyterian making sure to not go over 15 minutes; but no one will listen if I’m not a good storyteller and if I don’t have something real and relevant to mix in with the scholarly exegesis and sound doctrine.  I could go on for 15 minutes about how there are 4 greek words for love and how that influences how we interpret biblical texts, but if there is no sharing of a real experience of love, most people could care less.

Huh, writer’s block ended I suppose…that’s a heck of a long first blog.  But now the pressure’s on again – a title, oh for inspiration for a title….


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