i’m going to wash your mouth out with soap

today, i was loading groceries into my car and i saw another mother nearby loading groceries and a toddler into her car.  she also had a daughter – about 5 years old – who was standing by the car teary-eyed.  the mother seemed sane enough – until she closed the door with her toddler inside and commenced yelling at her daughter, and by yelling, i mean cussing out.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  she stood there in the parking lot, not ashamed, yelling “you do not act like in the grocery store – get your ass in your carseat, and when we get home, you are going straight to your room.”  is it just me, or do ass and carseat not belong in the same sentence anyway, but especially when talking to a 5 yr old?  stellar parenting.

and this isn’t the first time this happened…a few months ago – in the same grocery store parking lot – i promise this is actually a nice part of town and a nice grocery store – i saw a woman yank a toddler up by his arm and drop the f-bomb while yelling at him.  I had just found out i was pregnant, and the idealistic new mother in me wanted to stop the woman in her tracks and give her a piece of my mind…but she was a large mean-looking woman, so for the safety of my baby i opted not to.  really people, is that the norm now?  my mom never even cussed in front of me, certainly not AT me.  she would call people “hockey turds” who cut her off in traffic, and my sister and i would laugh at her.  the first time i heard her say the word shit, i was in shock, and i was in high school!

and a brief aside – this doesn’t have to do with parenting, but cussing – last week i was at walmart and i heard this lady angrily cussing and flailing about – she was spittin’ mad.  i figured someone had cut her off or looked at her funny….then i hear, “that’s right bird, don’t you f’in come near me”  hahahahaha – one flew over the cookoo’s nest – seriously, this went on for several minutes.  i started laughing out loud and then called my love so that people wouldn’t think i was the crazy lady who laughs to herself.


One Response

  1. ROFL! I’m 24 and I’ve never heard my mother cuss or swear…

    And I’m outraged by parents who cuss @ their children.

    It’s not like I don’t swear to myself when I’m angry or even when in public.. But man, I’d never do that in front of kids…

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