Why did I spend 7 years in college and seminary?

List #6

Grammy came to hang out with Piglet today so I could actually be productive at work, at least do those things that are hard to do while carrying a baby – and this is what I did:

  • Went to Sams to buy drinks and snacks for the youth
  • Stopped in Sams to talk to a church member for 30 minutes
  • Came back to the church to unload said drinks into the youth fridge
  • Cleaned out two closets and organized them, so more stuff could fit
  • Put up dry dishes that someone left in the drain
  • Washed dishes that someone left in the sink
  • Organized the paper products that were out of control
  • Loaded cardboard into my car to take to the recycling center
  • Updated bulletin boards
  • Turned in receipts
  • Turned in a check request for mileage and medical reimbursement
  • Catalogued some books for the library
  • Collected payments for church retreat and youth conference
  • Wrote announcements and listed events for the bulletin
  • Proofread the bulletin
  • Wrote a task list for the Saturday work crew
  • Did some e-mailing
  • Made some copies

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