Excuses, Excuses

List #9

My sister-in-law keeps trying to convince me that I can run/walk a 10K with her.  She keeps assuring me that she is not a good runner, and that I will be fine.  But here are my excuses:

  • The race is in a month, and I haven’t run a mile since the 8th grade (that was 13 years ago!)
  • I went for a walk with Piglet yesterday and thought, “hey let’s see how far I can run” – I ran 2 blocks and thought I was going to die – but I was using the jogging stroller, so I looked like a real runner
  • I would have to figure out child care
  • It would be really embarrassing to be the last person to finish
  • I probably wouldn’t finish, which would be more embarrassing
  • I haven’t been to the gym in 5 months, and that was the day we joined and didn’t actually work out
  • I just had a baby – I’ve been told that excuse works for a year
  • I played the Wii last night and my arm is sore today

Clearly I need to get in shape, but I think running a 10K in a month is a little ridiculously unrealistic.  Maybe next year.  This year, I’ll join you at the end for the celebratory drinks!


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