High Maintenance

List #15

Overall, yesterday was a good day.  I got to spend a lot of time with Piglet because I wasn’t at work, and I didn’t have much housework to do (we had company last week, so everything was already clean).  But Piglet did have a weird day and made sure that she had my undivided attention.

  1. She started the day by peeing outside of her over-filled diaper in her swing.  So I had to change her diaper, clothes, and wash the swing cover. 
  2. A few hours later, she pooped and a bit of it squeezed out the top of her diaper, so I had to change her diaper and her clothes again.
  3. Then all day, she was quite clingy – I couldn’t put her down for more than 10 minutes before she wanted me to pick her up again.  But it was good for me to hang out with her and not be distracted – maybe she sensed that I had time yesterday so she took advantage of it.  We played and read books.  We went for a walk.
  4. Later that afternoon, while eating her cereal, she sneezed, getting cereal all over both of us – lovely.
  5. Then I was getting her room ready for bedtime (filling the humidifyer, getting out pjs and towel for her bath, etc.) and she was lying contently in her crib watching her mobile when she started coughing and choking.  I looked and saw her HUGE eyes and her mouth filled with spit up like she didn’t know what to do with it.  So I go over and pick her up and she starts throwing up  all over the crib – not just spitting up, throwing up, until there was a dinner plate sized pile on her crib.  So I had to once again change her clothes, then strip the bed and wash the sheets and mattress pad.  Well at that point I just left her in her diaper, I didn’t actually put new clothes on her because bath time was coming – good thing with all the pee, poop, cereal, and throw up she had gotten on her throughout the day.
  6. Then I was paranoid the rest of the evening that she was sick – but I took her temperature – no fever – and she was actually happier for those last 2 hours before she went to bed than she had been all day.  Guess she just had an upset tummy.
  7. She took a bath and splashed and played, we read some books, and she went to sleep no problem.
  8. Then I sat on the couch and had a beer, and was asleep by 9:45.

It was just one of those days…


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