World Learnin’

List #22

What I learned yesterday:

  • Having someone help you to your car is a wonderful thing.  At Publix, they always offer, but I always say no, because I feel weird  – it should just be for old or diabled people, right?  But yesterday the guy insisted.  He put all the groceries in the car while I put Piglet in, then he took the cart back, so I didn’t have to figure out how to get the cart back without leaving Piglet alone in the car.  I think I just may say yes from now on. 
  • Under no circumstance go to Walmart on Good Friday – I’ve never seen it so busy.  People were going crazy in the Easter and candy aisle.
  • Apparently by having a stuffed bunny sing “Jesus Loves Me” or “Awesome God” makes it less of a secularized gift.  There are also bunnies with writing on their shirts – “Child of God” and “Jesus Lives”  Classic.
  • People actually do buy those giant pre-packaged easter baskets covered in cellophane.  I saw lots of harried moms in the check out lines with 3 or 4 each.
  • People really will wait an indefinite amount of time for your parking space if it’s crowded.  It took me a long time to get everything in the car, stroller and shopping bags.  Then I had to put Piglet back in her seat, because she had started crying while I was waiting to check out.  It probably took more than 5 minutes, and the person just waited and waited.
  • They still make baby walkers.  I was talking to a coworker last week about how I didn’t think they made them anymore because of the safety risk, kids were going down stairs in them – of course like most product recalls (ex. Bumbo seat) injuries are due to the stupidity of the caregiver not the product itself.  But I saw two at Walmart.  I think I’ll pass though- she’s happy in her megasaucer.
  • The real Honey Mustard sauce is back at Chick-Fil-A.  For a while, they had a NEW sauce called Smokey Mustard that just wasn’t as good – glad they came to their senses.
  • When you leave left-over containers in your car for over a week, they smell unbearably bad – I made my love clean out his car yesterday because there was no longer a place for a passenger to sit and it was starting to smell (again).  It took him 3 trips to bring in all the plastic containers, cups, trash, etc.  Then he loaded the dishwasher with all the dirty dishes.  I later opened the dishwasher door and almost passed out. 

One Response

  1. About the walker – I got one out of total desperation when Charlie was close to a year. We don’t have steps and I was struggling to fix dinner because he was into everything and/or having a fit for me to hold him. We only used it a few weeks and it was a life saver!!!! So don’t feel bad – if you have to bite the bullet later on:)

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