The best things in life are free

List #29

It’s funny how people spend lots of money on toys for kids when often they are entertained by the simplest things.  I had a friend in college who gave a baby a box with a wooden spoon – inexpensive and hours of fun.  Piglet has some favorites:

  • When we go out to eat, she loves to play with the napkins and straw wrappers
  • Her toes – as soon as her socks are off, into her mouth they go
  • My hands – whenever she’s in my lap or eating, she loves to grab and rub my hands
  • Her mouth – she loves doing rasberries, sticking out her tongue, sucking on anything possible, and the new wierd thing – opening and closing her mouth repeatedly – hours of entertainment a day spent doing these things
  • Her pants and shirts – she is always pulling on them and laughing
  • Hair – she’s always reaching for it and pulling it – I think it’s hair envy – she doesn’t have a whole lot going on up there at the moment
  • And her favorite – daddy’s nose – she pinches it, grabs at it, tries to eat it….good times

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