April Showers

It’s one of those hot humid days….it’s been raining on and off all afternoon – you know that southern coastal rain pattern – sunny, 10 minutes of pouring rain, then sunny again with steem coming off the pavement as the water evaporates and gets ready to come down as rain again.

I like the rain, especially when it’s warm.  Of course, it is better when I can stay at home in my pjs watching movies.  It is a little annoying because the church where I work has four separate buildings (office, fellowship hall, preschool, sanctuary), so if I need to go to another part of the church, I get wet, and there’s only so long I can sit at my desk before I get stir crazy.  I’m not sure why the campus was designed this way…maybe the small separate brick buildings fit in better with the wooded area that surrounds it – we are blessed with at 40 acre wildlife sanctuary behind the church with nature trails, and a labyrinth, and soon to be an outdoor worship space.  The layout makes no practical or educational sense – no elevators, you get wet going from Sunday school to worship, there’s no way to keep security in the other buildings during the week – but it IS a very pretty campus.

I have a corner office – ha – there are four offices in this building, so we all have a corner office.  I have one big window that overlooks the playground, which will be super fun when Piglet is able to play outside at the preschool – I don’t know how I’ll be able to be productive…this is also a bonus because I can spy on the teachers and make sure they are treating my baby right.  While I do have some reservations about having Piglet at the church’s preschool because they have had a lot of issues lately and A LOT of staff turnover, how can I pass up the opportunity to have her right next door where I can see her play on the playground and go over and nurse her when it’s meal time?  She’ll start there in August, it’ll be bitter sweet.

Anyway, outside the other window is NATURE – and it really is beautiful….a blooming dogwood tree, magnolia trees with spanish moss hanging from the limbs, and tons and tons of azaleas in a rainbow of colors.  So right now I’m having trouble working because I just want to sit in my glider, look out the window, and listen to the rain. 

(and then there’s the whole blogging thing to distract me….)

2 Responses

  1. i have just discovered your blog! and i am glad to have…i enjoyed reading the most recent posts and now i have another blog to look forward to checking in with!

    also, thanks for your comments on my blog-i wasn’t sure it was you at first, but now i am confident!

    enjoy your SC weather…it is still chilly here-uggh.


  2. wow-you’re making me want to get outdoors more! btw, i look forward to your blog everyday. it’s sad that we aren’t right next to each other anymore so i can watch piglet grow up. oh, and you guys are cool to hang out with too 😉 so, i feel like i am in a way getting to watch her grow up through your blog 🙂

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