Plan B

I actually woke up on my own this morning – Piglet didn’t wake up until 8:30 (she got up at 5:15, but went right back to sleep after nursing).  So I got up, took a peaceful shower, ate breakfast, and got ready to work.  My love got up with Piglet and was going to bring her to my office on his way to work, so I could have a few hours to do some baby free things that needed to get done.

I got to work, and commenced loading my car with crap to take to the dumpster – carpet scraps and extra shelves from the fellowship hall that have been sitting in a closet since the building was built and 6 broken folding chairs from downstairs.  We are running out of storage space and just can’t have trash taking up prime real estate.  Yesterday I cleaned out the table and chair closet downstairs because I about kill myself everytime i try to get stuff out of there with all the junk.  I found – one old Christmas tree, 2 unused microphones, those 6 broken chairs, 8 rolls of trashcan liners shoved in various locations, a mailbox, a garbage bag full of playground balls from the preschool, spare cleaning supplies, 2 bulletin boards – after i just bought a new one, a box of Christmas decorations…I’m pretty sure none of these things have been used since I’ve been here…so they all have new homes (the dumpster, goodwill, or in other more appropriate storage locations).

I’m amazed at the disorganization – there is so much waste because people don’t know we have things, so they go out and buy more.  I’ve already consolodated all of the craft, decoration, drama, etc. supplies.  Everything is in one place and labeled – user friendly.  Hopefully this will keep us from having so much waste.  And people will actually be able to use the supplies we have.

So maybe I’m OCD for a reason, maybe it is a spiritual gift.  And I have a Plan B if this whole ministry thing doesn’t work out….professional organizer extroidinaire.

4 Responses

  1. I love organizing too! So fun:) I agree about the church being wasteful due to disorganization – ours is bad at that too!

  2. It seems there is a consensus…I too am an organizer who works in a church that is a mess! Why don’t these people want to throw things away? Why do we have framed pictures of bad drawings of horses in the attic? Why are we keeping empty pain cans? Can someone help me understand?

  3. I would totally hire you! I hate that stuff at church. As much as I like organization, trying to organize church junk makes me crazy. come visit decatur! I’ll hang with piglet and you can organize! 🙂

  4. EMSA – the frustrating thing is that NO ONE can help you understand – you ask and they shrug and say, “it’s just always been there” so i keep slowly getting rid of stuff without asking, hoping no one will ever notice.

    Rebekah – i remember DPC’s storage room – no thanks – it has taken me almost 2 years to get us to this point…

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