Piglet’s a Ham

To be honest, I was really dreading the church retreat this weekend (and I was the one planning everything).  The stress of getting everything together for the retreat, plus traveling with Piglet just got me down.  But it was a great weekend…I got to know some church folk much better and everyone had a good time, especially Piglet.  I was a little worried about her being in a new place and having to lead the retreat with a 6 month old in-tow.

But it was GREAT!  Piglet just loved being the center of attention.  The kids on the retreat would just circle around her little blanket and just watch her and laugh at her, which of course made her keep doing whatever made them laugh – rasberries mainly, but also laughing and talking.  (I’ll update her picture page tomorrow so you can see pics from the weekend, I’m too tired to do it now).  They all wanted to hold her and touch her.  So cute!  And whenever I needed to do something like lead a session or get set up for something Russ was usually there to take her.  And if not, one of the other adults there would gladly come to my rescue – and Piglet kindly obliged to being passed around as always.  She was so good the whole time – she just loves being around lots of people.

On Sunday morning, we began worship sharing high-lows.  Russ and I both said that watching Piglet with the everyone at the retreat was our high, saying that she is so lucky to have all of them in her life from the very beginning.  THEN one of the men said, “well at her baptism we did make a promise to nurture and care for her”  Praise Jesus and Amen.  Someone was actually paying attention and taking the baptismal promise seriously.  I was elated.  I’m so glad that Piglet is so loved by the church, but I wish that the church cared for ALL its children the way they do for her – they all deserve it and need it.  Granted everyone sees her more because she comes to just about every church function and she’s usually in the office when people stop by for whatever reason AND she IS the cutest baby in the world. 

But I digress – On the way home from the retreat, we stopped to have dinner with Papa and Mimi and she hamed it up some more.  She got a good nap in on the way home, then off to youth group we go.  And we put a blanket on the floor in the middle of our circle, and she was happy as she could be for the whole hour and a half.  What a great weekend.

Then this morning, Piglet woke up cranky as could be.  She wouldn’t let me put her down.  I was supposed to go to a Bible study and youth leaders meeting a presbytery this morning, but I was considering skipping it because I would have to take her with me and no one wants a cranky baby around.  But I decided to risk it anyway, hoping she would get a good nap in on the way there.

We get to the Bible study, and she is just as happy as she could be – that little stinker.  She loved looking around the room at everyone’s faces.  I did have to take her out a few times, not because she was fussy, but because she was talking or spitting to loudly.  Between the Bible study and the meeting, she got passed around and just loved laughing and talking to people, she even laughed through the hiccups. 

So I guess it’s official – she’s a people person, crowd pleasure, center-of-attention-stealer.  I guess she’ll have to go through people detox tomorrow because it will just be her and daddy all day.


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  1. Piglet….Ham….funny:-D

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