Aparently the youth have been talking behind our back about how we haven’t been as much fun at youth group since Piglet was born – not cutting up and joking around as much.  Then today, they decide to tell us…nice.  Not like an intervention or anything, but in a casual half-joking sort of way.  It makes sense.  1)  I haven’t a full night’s sleep in 7 months, haven’t had a real week-long vacation since i started this job, and didn’t really get a maternity leave because we don’t have youth advisors…so I’m downright tired.  2) Most nights we have Piglet with us because we both have to be there, and one of us is usually worried about keeping her entertained.

But this makes me sad – I didn’t realize.  But tonight we stepped up our game.  Piglet stayed with her grandparents, so we were free to be.  And it was a progressive dinner, and it doesn’t get much more fun than that (basically I ate 3 full meals, the last of which was an entire meal of chocolate fondue…mmm…you know you’re jealous)  So I hope we were fun again.  I hate to think that we’re losing the connection with the youth already – are we already turning into old farts? 

But I think I’ve burned out – I seriously need a vacation.  And lucky me – I have 2 coming up in May.  One week with our seminary friends to Kitty Hawk for a week.  Then one with my love’s family to Holden Beach – woohoo.  I can’t wait.  I know it won’t be the same kind of relaxing vacation we had pre-piglet.  But still, to get away from work for a while will be super nice.  Especially since come June 9, I will be doing basically two jobs.  The senior pastor retires and the interim won’t start until September.  yay for me. 

2 Responses

  1. WORD on the Vacay situation! I think some father/uncle/child bonding is DEFINITELY on the beach agenda. 🙂

  2. i love progressive dinners…they are so fun and not much work!

    also, i haven’t even had the baby yet and know i have been less good at my job: exhaustion plus an inability to sleep does not make for the happiest person, much less the most patient person…however, i do think it was cool that your kids were brave enough to tell you how they felt!

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