Free Food

It’s really kind of sad what I will do for free stuff, especially free food.  Today was one of those days.  It was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A.  If you dressed like a cow, you got a free value meal (sandwhich, fries, AND a coke), so I was totally in.  So I cut out my black spots and made my “Eat Mor Chikin” sign – I even found a small cow bell in my costume box.  Then I made a little cow outfit for Piglet with a white hooded jacket.  Sure, these were slacker cow costumes that we put on right before entering the store, but still it counted for free food.

BUT when we arrived, the place was packed, but I didn’t see a single person dressed up.  It’s embarassing enough to walk in to a restaurant dressed like a cow when it is Cow Appreciation Day, but all the more worse if it wasn’t.  So I sent my love in first just to make sure (he did not dress like a cow, he cheated and ate the free meal that Piglet got).  And sure enough, it was the right day.  I’m walking into the store, looking RIDICULOUS holding Piglet who actually looked cute, and there are these teenagers standing by the door – and they totally laughed at me.  So I just said, “I’ll do anything for free food”  Then I thought maybe that didn’t sound quite right, but then I thought suckas, you paid for your food – I’m gettin’ mine fo’ free.  But it really was weird – there was no one else dressed up (except of course for the official Chick-Fil-A cow), people, there was free food involved for very little effort and only mild embarrassment!

It was fun, we got our food, and immediately took off the costumes.  Piglet LOVED the cow – she talked to him for a bit, then she just kept staring at him while we ate with moments of  yelling and pointing like she was trying to get his attention.  I wanted to get a picture before we left, but the cow went outside by the street.

And I hope this will be an annual thing for the family to do, because it wasn’t the first time.  We went with some of our seminary friends 3 years ago – and we did get a picture then.  It was much more fun then, I felt much less foolish in a group.  So next year, I think I may just make it a youth group activity.

And I’m not the only one who enjoyed Cow Appreciation Day this year, check out yestertime and sevenansweredprayers.  One of them even met Truitt Cathy.


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