Farmer’s Market

We have lamented being away from the Dekalb Farmer’s Market near where we lived in ATL, but we have recently found a little farmer’s market on Saturdays right here.  It’s just a little outdoor market, nothing at all like the Dekalb market, but it definitely beats the grocery store.  Vendors set up tents on one of the downtown streets that gets closed off for the morning.

We got up early (well Piglet got up early, we just decided to get dressed and moving rather than veg all morning), and decided to head down there.  We keep forgetting it’s there, or we wait too late and it’s too hot to take Piglet.  But today we went (our second trip) – we had a list of vegetables and fruits that we wanted to get.  It was very nice – it wasn’t a hot day – we just strolled around.  Piglet loved having lots of stuff to look at – especially the dogs that were joining in the fun.  Everyone said hello to her, and she would wave and say “byebye” – for her it’s like aloha – it can go either way.

I feel really good about going to the market.  We got to spend some quality family time.  We are eating healthy.  We supported the local farmers.  We bought organic produce.  AND we saved money.   And we got out of the house before noon on a Saturday! And we got some mighty tastey boiled p-nuts.  And stone grond grits – this man was grinding it right there…pretty cool, we couldn’t pass that up! 

Now we just have to get moving every Saturday – it would be a good tradition.


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