sick day

12:45 PM – Piglet is asleep. in her crib. during the day.  for more than 30 minutes.  and this is her third nap.  and she woke up this morning AFTER 6:00 AM.  This is a big deal around here because usually she’s not big on sleep during the day, but it’s not really a good thing.  She’s sick today.  She’s had a little cold for a week, and today she had a pretty high fever.  We are going to the doctor in an hour. 

I am a little frustrated because since she started daycare, I’ve stayed home with her four days because she caught something at school.  And she’s only been going a month.  I wonder if other parents are acting responsibly and keeping their kids home when they’re sick…I’m doubting it, since that’s where Piglet picks up all of her germs.  I know it’s a big incovenience to keep your kid at home when you have a job and only so many days off, but it’s not fair to the other families.  I know she’s bound to get sick, and she needs to build up her immune system, but twice in one month? 

But at least I have a flexible job and can do a lot of work from home.

I had to stop typing because Piglet woke up.  Now it’s 6:15 PM.  The verdict – her first ear infection.  She is on her fourth outfit; I am on my third.  Aparently high fever and ear infections make some kids throw up as well.  lovely.  She is just so pitiful, so tired, so uncomfortable.  But daddy’s here now, and we are with grammy at her house to watch the USC game.  So things are looking up.  Hopefully she will feel better tomorrow.

2 Responses

  1. Bless her heart. I took Bell to the DR today because something just wasn’t right — Strep throat. Second time in 6 weeks — AUGH!!!
    By the way – Charlie always throws up with ear infections– that and not sleeping through the nights are the only clues he gives!!!

    Who knew so much detective work would go into being parents???

  2. awww- so sorry she feels bad. sounds just like my two. with both of mine an ear infection almost always followed a cold. all the drainage from the cold sits in their ear canals and ends up as an infection. sera would run really high fevers but never acted like she was in pain. josh gets really fussy, hits his ear, and throws up. sera stopped having ear infections around 18 months, but now instead she gets sinus infections following a cold. ah, that joys of child care. i don’t even take my kids to wal-mart when they have a cold. i don’t want to pass on the germs. but, sadly some parents just don’t think about other people. sera was sick a lot that first year she came to PMO with me. but, it did get better after that. i hope piglet feels better soon!

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