Folks around these parts were quite a’flutter today.  Tropical Storm Hanna was on her way.  I’m a little frustrated with the weather people because they could never seem to make up their minds about where Hanna was going to hit – or maybe it was just Hanna who couldn’t make up her mind.  So we weren’t worried, then we were, then we weren’t again…now it’s less harsh than a thunder storm where we are, but they are still interrupting regularly-scheduled-programming-already-in-progress every 30 minutes for a tropical storm update – Tropical Storm Warning, Hurrican Watch, Tornado Watch, Flash Flood Watch, etc.

I was coming home from my parents house this morning (stayed to watch the USC game again) and I decided we better be safe and get some batteries.  So off to Wal-mart I went (in my pjs)…only to find a FULL parking lot – seriously, not a single space – it was like Christmas at the mall, except grocery carts were full of water and batteries and flashlights and canned food and beer instead of Christmas presents…well, I guess the beer could really apply to either situation.  So rather than circle around a few times, I went across the street to Target and there was hardly anyone there…weird.

So I figure Wal-mart must have stock in hurricanes because they really make a killin’ when one comes around or even threatens to come around in 4 days.  My mom said she went there on Tuesday and they were out of bottled water already, on TUESDAY!?  I’m also thinking that they have some crazy signal that sends people into panic mode and makes everyone feel the need to buy all these things…I myself even bought bottled water and several packs of batteries and a battery-powered radio “just in case”.  seriously.  I felt a little foolish because I wasn’t even that concerned, but once I was in the store, I couldn’t help myself. 

But if a real hurricane ever does strike, we are ready.  Just like a boy scout.

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