Mia Hamm, eat your heart out

This morning, my love awoke still feeling sick from the day before and knowing he had to continue studying for his first four-hour med school exam that’s tomorrow.

But I think the morning still turned out to be a pretty good one for him.  After Piglet got her shoes on, she started “dribbling” the soccer ball all over the room…so proud of herself each time she kicked it.  And daddy was pretty proud, too.  Only two more years before she can join a team.  Won’t that be a hoot – I’m thinking pink cleats and shin guards are in her future.

And the proof:



One Response

  1. I think it is appropriate to say that this post is worthless without ADORABLE pictures of said dribbling! Hubby should be proud!! (want you to know also, how much I love love love love your blog!)

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