First Birthday Tailgate

I thought that having a USC themed-First Birthday-Tailgate Party was super original.  But then I saw that a friend had a Alabama party for her daughter’s first in September, and my cousin had to leave our party early to go to an Engagment Tailgate Party, and another friend is having her grandson’s first birthday party at the Carolina-Clemson game.  I guess in the south, in the fall – you take the party to the people.

It was a lot of work.  I don’t recommend having a party in another town – it was stressful tyring to make sure we packed everything, and the cake didn’t travel so well.  But it was still worth it, especially since I had a lot of help with the food.  We had a great spread:  wings, ribs, pigs in blankets, veggie tray, pizza dip, buffalo chicken dip, deviled eggs, cookies, fruit salad, mustard dip for pretzels, and cake of course.  No one went hungry that’s for sure.  And thanks to Kathryn for being the best bartender and keep my stress level low once the party started.

We had a great crowd.  We were sorry that Aunt Margie, Uncle Brian, James, John Campbell, and baby girl couldn’t come, but we understand that it would have been a hassel 9 months pregnant – plus the condo was TINY, so the boys would have gone crazy.  But we had a great crowd (2 Clemson fans and a Georgia fan even – that’s love).  Just so I don’t forget, here’s the list:

Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, Pops, Papa, Mimi, Aunt Kathryn, Uncle Josh, Uncle Bob, Aunt Marcia, Ryan, Amanda, Michael, Shannon, Jennifer, Elliot, baby, Uncle Eddie, Aunt Loren, Rena, George, Kendra, Hayley, Cassie, Barrett, Mary Ellis, baby boy, Uncle Lance, Aunt Estelle, Lee, Uncle Joe, Aunt Chris, Uncle Ashley, Aunt Sandra, Shane, Elise, Dusty, and Nicole.  All these people crammed into a tiny condo – needless to say, it got a little hot up in there, even though it was under 70 outside and the AC ran constantly.

The rest of the story I’ll tell in pictures of outfits:

The day started with Papa and Mimi, then to the soccer field, and to McAlister’s with my love’s brother’s family (where else would we go?)  For that we had a warmer outfit for all of the outside time:

Then we got to the condo and changed into the party dress.  It took forever to find a cute garnet dress.  Everything is pink.  Geez.  But what I did find were these little stickers that look like the face tattoos that girls where to games.  We know babies don’t sit still long enough to put on a tattoo, so these were perfectly cute.

Then we had another outfit for the cake – didn’t want to mess up the cute party dress.  It consisted of a USC t-shirt that you can’t see, the red bloomers that came with the dress, and a USC bib.  And garnet, black, and white icing.  We didn’t have a high chair, so we spread a plastic table cloth out on the floor and let her at it.

Then she took a bath – thank goodness we were in the condo that had full bathrooms.  And rather than put her party dress back on, we went with one of her new outfits – It said “I’m A Carolina Girl” with a gamecock on it – I couldn’t get a picture of the front.  No surprise that she got a lot of USC gifts – she’s fully stocked now.

Everyone went into the game a little before 8:00 and left us to clean up all of the mess.  I regretably admit that this was not a “green” party.  We made a lot of trash.  Unbelievable for the short five hours we were there.  But it was five hours of fun – Piglet loved being the center of attention.  So many people to hold her and play with her.  She’s a lucky little one-year-old.


3 Responses

  1. Let’s drop the “Aunt” Margie business – that sounds sooo nursing home. 😉

    I’m sorry we missed the big party, but we were very glad to spend some chaotic lunch time with y’all at McA’s. I still can’t believe she’s a year old! Time seems to be going by faster and faster.

  2. Dorothy, I don’t think I’ve left a comment yet, but I found your blog and have loved reading about all that you have going on and seeing your little girl! So cute! Happy Birthday to her! -Frances (Ladd) Lightcap

  3. Frances! Great to hear from you. I hope you’re doing well.

    Margie – the “aunt” was more of an informational piece for non-family. be now I know how to get under your skin…

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