Happy Halloween

We are not having the best track record with holidays.  I had to pick her up early on her birthday because she had a fever, and today we get a call early afternoon that she once again had a fever.  Poor thing.  But we still had fun.

We went to my dad’s office because they had a trick or treating there.  Better than going around the neighborhood (especially since we only know three neighbors) and Pops could show off his granddaughter – we trick-or-treated there last year when she was just two weeks old.

I found her costume a while ago at a consignment shop for $7, so I couldn’t just leave it there – it was perfect:




One Response

  1. josh had a fever too. it was pretty high, 102.8. we took him with us, but patrick pretty much had to hold him the whole time. we think it’s just a reaction to the MMR shot, sera had the same reaction when she got it. also, he was terrified of me (i was the wicked witch, green paint and all) not a good night for him! :(. and OMG piglet is ADORABLE. seriously perfect costume!

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