Weird Kid

Tonight at dinner, we were talking about what Piglet would be like when she’s older – it’s a fun game.  We can count on stuborn, energetic, smart, and funny – I think.  But something else we are predicting is that she just might be weird.

One of my love’s favorite shows is Everybody Loves Raymond.  Back in the day when we had free cable, it would come on four times a day, and he would watch it every time – even if he’d seen the eopisode three times before.  And he still laughed, out loud, every time.  Anyway, Raymond’s brother Robert had this weird habit of touching his food to his chin before eating it.  It’s funny on TV…but lately Piglet has been doing something like it.  She touches her forehead with her food before eating it.  It was hilarious at first, but now it’s just weird.  I’m not sure what to think of it.  I still have to hold back the laughter, because it really is funny looking – but I think the laughter encourages her to do it more.  The first time was with pizza, so she had pizza all over her face/head by the time she was done. 

I’m just hoping it’s a phase and not a weird tick that follows her into adulthood.  If it does, I’m blaming it on my love for making me watch Everybody Loves Raymond four times a day.


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