Baby Talk

Just to warn you, this will probably not be a very exciting post to most.  Just some record keeping for me. 

Piglet’s vocabulary is increasing everyday.  Here is what she’s saying, and what she is trying to say:

Buba (Bubble)
Baw (Ball)
Bda Bdaw (Belly Button)
oos (Juice)
Sue (Shoe)
ish (Fish)
ease (Please)

She also knows her tongue, belly, nose, eyes, and mouth – but only when she wants to know them…when I try to get her to show off, she pretends to not know them.  Booger.

And now we are working on animal sounds.  To her, the cow says “mmm”, the dog says “uff” and the sheep says “baaaaa”.  But when we are teaching her the sounds, she really just laughs hysterically at us when we do them.  I love her laugh.


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