Today has been an exciting day.  I woke up to watch the news to see people already in line at 5:30 am to vote.  The reporter was cracking me up, especially when she frantically announced that she could not find a McCain supporter to interview – in a red state no less.  Regardless of the outcome, I am impressed with the turnout and who turned out – people who have never voted before.  This is an important time and people are taking the responsibilty and the priveledge to vote.  Facebook statuses prove it.  I think that it is incredible how long people will stand in line to vote and what obstacles people will overcome to vote – like parents bringing their kids because the darn schools are out or elderly folks who can barely stand up (there was one 94 year-old who was escorted to the front of our line).  My love and I made a date of it.  We met there (him coming from an exam and me coming from work – we were both in GREAT moods) for an hour of Piglet free conversation.  Hey, you take what you can get, right?

I will complain a little though.  I work at a polling location, but can’t vote there.  That’s frustrating.  Especially when I looked out my window and saw that there was no line at 1:30.  So I figured this might be true for other places as well, so I headed out to my precinct to find an hour wait.  Durnit.  If only I could vote at my church, I would have saved 2 hours (with travel/parking/walking time).  But nevertheless, I voted, got my sticker, and felt proud.

I am now watching the results come in.  Seriously, these people crack me up.  The giant map in Times Square!  The overexaggerated reactions of the reporters!  Anne Curray in a green room!  The former party candidates trying to save face!  I guess they have to do something to keep us tuned in for the next five hours.

But my favorite line of the day, from a caller on the Dave Ramsey Show:

“I voted for Obama because if McCain wins, we’ll be in a recession until Jesus returns”


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