Thus is Life



These pictures are pretty representive of our lives right now.  Notice the mess and how not one stitch of Piglet’s clothes matches another.  The last time I did laungry, the two socks that matched these were lost in the creveces of the couch and under my pillow, so they didn’t get cleaned.  They are in the basket now, and the ones she’s wearing were the only two clean socks left.

And I had to pick her up early again today because she had an upset tummy.  My love was studying for an exam, so I decided to take Piglet out to run some errands so we were not a distraction.  We were almost out of diapers and milk, so we had to go out anyway.  After our first stop, I put her in the car, get her buckled in, and up chuck she goes.  So I had to take her out, clean her up, strip her down, clean her carseat, and put her back in.  Then she wails the whole way home.  I put her in clean pjs that matched and tried to give her some juice.  Each time she took a sip, she spit it all out on her shirt, so I had to change it.  So this is what she looked like when she went to bed.

Here’s hoping she sleeps past 4:30. 


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