making the most of a sick day

We are home again today.  Piglet has an upset tummy.  Staying home with a sick baby is not exactly my idea of the perfect day, but it does give me a whole day to hang out with Piglet.  We’ve actually had a lot of these days lately.  But I thought I’d let you know some funny things about her lately since I’ve had more time to observe.

She lost one of her blocks under the couch – so she went in to get it.  Next thing I know, she’s whining because she’s stuck halfway under the couch.  So I pulled her out.  But she did hold onto the block on the way out.

Yesterday while I was getting ready in the bathroom, she was playing with the shower curtain.  Next thing I hear is grunting.  I look over and only see feet up in the air.  She had fallen in.  Once she was upright again, she thought it was pretty funny and tried to do it again.

She absolutely LOVES babies and stuffed animals now.  I think it is so cute how she holds them, pats their backs, hugs them, kisses them, sits on them, throws them.  Some of her caretaker skills are better than others.  When she woke up from her nap this morning, first thing she did was look around the room asking for her baby.

And there are dogs that live near us.  Today she heard them barking through the window.  So every once in a while, she’ll walk over to the window and say, “uff, uff” trying to look for the dogs.

She has started pushing the power button on the TV over and over and over.  So I bought one of those nifty TV guards last night.  This morning, she reached her hand under the shield and pushed the button anyway.  oh well.

And finally, my favorite thing she does now.  And another reason I know she’s my kid.  She cleans up spills on the floor.  Last week, she spilt milk and there happened to be a papertowel on the floor nearby (not sure why), but she grabbed it and cleaned up the milk.  She likes to play with the travel wipe box, pull out a wipe and start cleaning the table, her hands, her hair, her face, her chair – all with the same wipe.  And this morning, I see her wiping the floor with the dish towel.  Not sure what she was cleaning, but she looked like Cinderella, kneeling on the floor with her rag.

This is a really fun age.


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