milk woes

They say not to cry over spilt milk, but what about thrown up milk? 

My dad is allergic to all dairy products, which is most unthinkable to my love who lives on cheese.  He even said one day, “I don’t what I would do if Piglet was allergic to milk – what would we eat?!”  Then it wasn’t a big deal to me, I grew up eating foods without cheese or any other dairy product – it was normal to me.  Of course, whenever dad was out of town, we definitely ordered pizza.  But since then, Piglet’s diet has consisted of mostly cheese – cheese toast, turkey and cheese sandwhich, pizza, quesadilla, grilled cheese, etc.  OR yogurt.  She loves the stuff.  But now we suspect she may have either a milk allergy or lactose intollerance; and if she does, I really don’t know what we’ll be able to get her to eat.  I hesitate going to the pediatrician because they might just tell us, “that’s daycare for you” – so I got a good recommendation for a allergist, so I think we’ll just start there since there’s a family history. 

Dealing with a sick kid who can’t talk is like being a detective.  Here are our clues:

1) She stopped gaining weight at a good rate when she was 6 months old.  Up until then, she was 50-75% in height and weight.  Then at 9 months, she was 25th percentile.  Then at 12 months, she was 10th percentile.  Having a kid in the 10th percentile in weight wouldn’t concern me if she had always been small, but to drop off like that is what worries me.  I just packed away her 9 month clothes, and her 12 month stuff is still big on her.  Up until 9 months, she was growing out of clothes faster than I could buy them.

2)  Up until last week, she ate like a pig (hence the internet name).  I was always amazed at how much she was throwing down – more than me some days.  But still not gaining much weight.

3)  All the books talk about how you don’t need to worry if your kid isn’t pooping everyday – even once a week once they start eating solid foods.  But Piglet was at it three times a day, minimum.  

4)  She also has had several bouts of what I assumed was a stomach bug.  The nurse practioner would probably say it’s because she’s in day care.  But seriously, she’s out sick once a week it seems like.  That can’t be normal.

Clues 1-4 had my gut telling me that something wasn’t right.  Something in her little digestive system is not doing what it is supposed to be doing.  But I didn’t know what to do about it.

5)  Sunday morning, I gave Piglet her normal morning cup of milk to hold her off until breakfast.  And she immediately threw it up. 

That morning in the shower is when I had the revelation.  Originally I thought it couldn’t be milk because her weight gain slowed at 6 months and she didn’t start drinking milk until 12 months.  But then I realized that around 6 months, we started giving her formula occassionally when I couldn’t be there to feed her (pumping just didn’t work anymore).  And she had also started eating cheesey things and yogurt.  And since she has started drinking milk, it has gotten worse.

So we are trying a dairy-free week to see if it helps at all.  And I will also be calling the allergist.

I ask for prayers for Piglet, that we figure out what’s up before it gets worse.


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