I decided that I deserved some serious comp time for the craziness of June-October, so I took most of this week off from work – kind of – I still worked Monday and went to a meeting on Tuesday and did some work from home.  But mostly not working this week…I even get Sunday off because my love and I are officiating his cousin’s wedding on Saturday, and it’s just too far to drive back that night.

But I must say this is the suckiest “vacation” ever.  I have cleaned, run errands, taken Piglet to the doctor AGAIN, paid bills, haggled with the insurance company, gone to the dump, and generally tried to do all the things I neglected over the past five months.  A little overwhelming for 3.5 days. 

Tuesday morning, I spent four hours going through all of our receipts since mid-July and tried to get us back on budget.  It’s amazing how much more money we spent when we weren’t keeping track.  Ignorance is bliss.  The church did compensate me a little for doing two jobs for five months, but I think that barely covers our added expenses. 

  • I was so busy that there was NO time to cook, so we ate out A LOT
  • I was so tired and not taking care of myself that I got sick a lot and had to buy drugs
  • My stress level was so high that I might need counseling
  • Things (bills) got overlooked and we had a late fee or two to pay

Even though this is not exactly a fun vacation, I hope it brings a little sanity back to my life and takes away a little stress when I go back on Monday. 


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