Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood

I was amazed when we graduated from seminary at how much more money we spent on food.  Were we eating out more? Were we eating out at more expensive places?  Were groceries more expensive here?  But this week, I finally figured it out.

We got A LOT of free meals in seminary, thus saving us money on food.  On Sunday nights, we both at for free at youth group.  On Wednesday, my love ate for free at Sr. High dinner.  I ate for free at another church where I babysat for their Wednesday Night Dinner Program.  Thursday nights, I ate for free at teh Family Night Supper at our church.  And then periodically, the seminary would have free meals for special occassions.  And then there were some people who took pity on us lowly seminary students and fed us.  Man, that was the life. 

This week has resembled that life. Tuesday I went out with another local Associate who was doing some research on hiring a youth director/DCE and wanted to pick my brain, so lunch was on her.  Then Wednesday, some members invited the pastor and I out for lunch and ended up insisting to pay for us.  Then it was our first Wednesday Sr. High dinner of the fall.  Then today, the Presbyterian Women meet at 10:00am, but their spread of “snacks” was definitely more like a meal, so I don’t need lunch.  And my love had a good many free meals at school this week – they bribe medical students to join clubs by offering free food – works every time.

It’s been nice, and I am so grateful, but now that I think about it, I probably should not have eaten so much this week.  I should be saving up the calories for next week – we have four Thanksgiving dinners ahead of us…kind of like that new movie coming out “Four Christmases”  We need to see that and laugh/cry at life imitating art.


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