Piglet and I arrive at the pediatrician’s office at 2:10 for her 2:30 appointment to get her second flu shot, and I fill out the slip of paper to get her signed in.  We got there early so that I could talk to the billing person about a claim our stupid insurance denied, but we got that straightened out in 2 minutes. 

At 2:30, I notice that everyone who was there before us has been taken back already.  At 2:40, I start to get a little annoyed that we are still waiting and people who came in after us are getting called ahead of us.  Usually I don’t get annoyed at this because I understand that other people may have appointments with other doctors who are moving quicker that day.  But today we were just there for a flu shot and weren’t even seeing a doctor.

At 2:50, I finally go up to the window and ask, “We are just here for a flu shot, and have been waiting for 20 minutes…do you know what’s taking so long?” – I didn’t even include the pre-appointment time that we waited.  I saw her shuffle through some papers, mumble somthing to another lady about being a mix up, and pull Piglet’s sheet out of another file and takes it out of the office.  I notice on the list of names they are using to cross people off as they are called, Piglet’s name isn’t even on it.  But no explanation to me whatsoever.  So I go sit back down, more annoyed.

At 3:05, after 3 more patients get called back, I go back up to the desk:

Rude Lady:  “she’s next up”
Me:  “It’s been 35 minutes.” 
Rude lady: “Friday afternoons are just busy” 
Me: “But everyone who came in after me has already gone in”
Rude lady: *shrugs shoulders*
Me:  “I heard you say something about a mixup before”
Rude lady:  “Yeah, we had a deaf patient and things got mixed up…”
Me:  “If you made a mistake, then you should admit it and apologize.”
Rude lady:  “I did”
Me:  “No, actually you didn’t”
Rude lady:  *smugly* “Sorry”
Me:  “This is ridiculous”

And I go sit back down, thinking to myself how mad I was at the rudeness, and wondering what the heck having a deaf patient has to do with losing another patient’s form?

At 3:10, we finally get called back, get weighed, get shot, pay copay.

At 3:13, we are out the door

So we waited an hour for a 3 minute appointment.  ARGGGHHH!

Really, I was at Target earlier today and I has to wait an extra 30 seconds while they changed cashiers, and the guy said, “Sorry for your wait” before he scanned my item.

So, if the first time I went up, they said, “I’m sorry – there was a mix up; she’ll be next up”  things would have been fine.  Not only did they not apologize or explain to me what happened, they didn’t even put her up next.

I still say that is ridiculous.

Maybe when my love is a doctor, he might be able to offer another perspective based on the stress of working in a doctor’s office.  But to me, there’s just no excuse for rudeness and incompetance from the same person.


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