happy thanksgiving to us

Earlier in the week, I was planning a nice Thanksgiving post, listing all of the things that I was thankful for this year.  Then thanksgiving went a little south, so then I planned a whine/find the silver lining post.  Then this holiday became the worst ever, so now I’m just going to whine.

EDIT:  After posting, I remembered other things that happened.  There are things added in red.  I think later I will have some strength to post a thanksgiving blog – because in the midst of the bad, there was a lot of good.  And we are lucky.

Piglet came home sick on Wednesday with a low fever.  By the time Grammy got here to watch her, she was back to her old self…so we thought things were all engines go for Thanksgiving Tour 2008.

Thursday morning, Piglet wakes up at 4:30 am with another low fever, but by the time we were ready to leave, she was fine again.  THEN, after we had the car loaded with all of our 3-day travel gear, my love turns the key – nothing.  We decided to jump the car off, thinking that it was just because it had been so cold over night, and it just needed to warm up.  Note to self – in the future, let this be your sign to just STAY HOME.  The car did start, but when we stopped to get gas down the street, it wouldn’t start again.  So we decided that it wasn’t worth the risk and went back home after being jumped off again.  Then we had to transfer all of our stuff to the other car, including Piglet’s new forward facing seat, which at first, second, and third try did not fit properly fir into the other car.  But after some getto rigging, it was secure.  And all of the stuff got moved.  My love turns the key, and the check engine light comes on…great.  Note to self – the signs are clear here,  STAY HOME.  We check, and the oil is low, so we add more.  Then, we are finally on the road, an hour late, but determined to complete the tour.

When we arrive at Thanksgiving #1, Piglet has a mid-range fever.  She gets some drugs and plays pretty well until lunch when she wouldn’t eat a thing.  The afternoon was fun, filled with corn hole, football, and good family time.  But when we got to my sister’s house to spent the night, things went down hill.  Piglet finally seemed hungry after eating nothing all day (very unlike her).  She ate a good dinner, then threw it all up.  She had another fever.  She has a bad raspy cough – which generally leads to her throwing up.  And her breathing was really fast, short, and shallow.  We call the doctor and she advises us to go to the ER.  (A kid in Piglet’s class had RSV, so we definitely wanted to rule that out before heading onto more Thanksgivings with small babies.)  At the ER, we ruled out RSV and any lung problem – Piglet had her first X-ray.  We felt a little better having ruled those things out, and went home thinking we just had a bad cold on our hands, and just needed to tough it out.

Friday morning went pretty well.  Aside from my love falling on my sister’s front porch. twice.  He scraped his hand pretty badly, but he saved the coffee and doughnuts.  Piglet woke up with a little fever, but it went down quickly after some meds, and didn’t seem to feel bad. 

So off we went to Thanksgiving #2.  The afternoon went well – filled with football, playing with a puppy, and good family time.  But Piglet didn’t eat a thing.  And thanks to Kathryn for reminding me of our scare.  We were sitting in the living room at my aunt’s house.  Piglet was playing by the storm door, looking outside – we checked and re-checked to make sure it was latched.  But somehow, when she was sitting in front of it and leaned back, the door opened and she fell backwards out of the doorway toward the three brick steps and concrete patio on the outside…you’ve never seen a room full of people move that fast.  THANK GOD my aunt was on the patio and caught her before her head hit either brick or concrete.

Once our heart rates came back down to normal, we were on the road to Thanksgiving #3.  When we got there, Piglet’s fever was really high.  We stripped her down, drugged her up, and fed her ice chips.  She spent a lot of time gnawing on anything she could, so we thought that maybe all this craziness was teething related.  After her fever came down, we had a great time playing with her 2 cousins – 3 babies all around the same age = never a dull moment.  Then off to my love’s dad’s house to spend the night. 

She woke up again this morning with a fever, but it came down quickly.  We got ready for Thanksgiving #4.  She ate breakfast, but then threw it up.  And her fever hit 103.6 during her nap.  So off to Urgent Care we go.  Blood work reveals that her white blood count is high, but they can’t figure out why – ears, throat, and lungs are clear.  They perscribe an antibiotic and a decongestant, and we are on our way.  We head back to papa and mimi’s house to watch some football – the end of a sorry excuse for a rivalry game – that put my love in a not-so-pleasant mood.  Piglet ate a little bit of tailgate food.  Thanksgiving #4 didn’t really go as planned because we spent most of the time at Urgent Care and our nephew was also sick, so my love’s brother’s family didn’t make it at all.  After the game, we are on the road back home again. 

We get one mile down the road, and she throws up EVERYWHERE – worse than all of the others.   We pull over to clean her and the car seat. in the rain.  We think it was a side effect of the antibiotic, but who knows.  We finally get back on the road again, and she falls asleep.  Then 30 minutes from home, she wakes up wailing.  I don’t know what’s wrong.  I don’t know what to do.  She won’t eat.  She won’t drink.  I try singing.  I try reading a book.  I try playing with toys.  I crawl in the back with her and try rubbing her head.  Nothing.  Maddening.  By the time we pull into our neighborhood, I’ve had enough and I pull her out of her seat, and she immediately relaxes and falls asleep. 

We come in, feed her a little fruit for dinner (girl has to be hungry, she hasn’t kept anything down for 3 days).  She eats, but then throws it all up again.   We gave her a bath and she got chills and blue lips, so we had to warm her up really well before we could get her to bed.  She’s asleep now, but I just don’t know what’s wrong or what to do.  It’s breaking my heart.

She woke up at 11:00 pm with a low-fever.  Woke up again at 3:30.  I’m tired.  But Piglet seems to be doing better.  So far this morning – no fever, no throw ups.  But my  love and Piglet are skipping church this morning because she shouldn’t be around any people, and we are down to one car (I have to be there really early, so my love would have no way of getting here).  We plan to go to the pediatrician first thing Monday morning to follow up and see how things are going.


5 Responses

  1. You did have the worst Thanksgiving. I hope that Piglet feels better soon. I’m saying a prayer for her (and you!) before I go to sleep tonight.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, Noah, who is a pretty healthy kid, would get sick every single time we drove to Tampa for a holiday. We’ve been to the After Hours Urgent care at LEAST three times down there.
    I do hope you figure out what’s going on with her – nothing is worse than not knowing how to make your kid feel better.

  3. I know your little piglet was sick but I sooooo enjoyed seeing y’all! I could have played with my precious niece ALL DAY!!

    SIDE NOTE – on “the worst Thanksgiving ever”
    You made the Thanksgiving sound pretty awful and it is crazy to think you actually left some of it out! I can’t get the image of Piglet falling down the stairs at Thanksgiving #2 out of my head.

    On the bright side: Christmas is just around the corner and it HAS to be better than Thanksgiving 🙂 Love you!

  4. dude, that sucks. i hope she feels better soon. if it makes you feel better i was up with josh from 12:30-4:30 this morning after a REALLY horrible night terror. everytime i almost had him asleep the cat would decide to climb up the Christmas tree and knock down 20 ornaments, or sera would cry out in her sleep, or patrick would snore REALLY loud. plus, my brother’s family has a stomach bug and since we were there on thursday my anxiety is through the roof…just waiting to get it too.
    i’m so sorry to hear about all the trouble piglet has been having with reflux and other illnesses. i hope things get better for yall soon!

  5. praying for you. been there. i will anxiously await the verdict of the ped. although if she is like my child she will be perfectly fine by the time they can see her. i hope she is…but if not i hope they figure out what in the world is wrong. and that you get some peace. much love with empathy!

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