Operation Decoration

We finally decorated tonight.  Having a toddler around certainly does make things more complicated.  All ornaments and nativity sets have to be above her reach or non-breakable or don’t-care-if-they-are-breakable.  I’m sure she will show us how much we have under estimated the reach of her go-go-gadget arms in the morning.

We are also struggling with how to do the gift-giving/Santa thing.  Luckily, it doesn’t really matter yet, but we are still trying to start thinking about it.  We have hung stockings and put up the tree.   But most of our decorations are nativity sets – I started collecting them in college and now have some really neat sets.  Papa and Mimi even gave Piglet her own Little People set for her birthday, so one is at her level that she can really play with – the only troubling thing for me is that Joseph has a Shepherd’s crook when he was a carpenter…maybe it’s supposed to be a walking stick… 

Anyway, we kept all of the Santa-related decor in the boxes…after some more contemplation, we may give them away next year.  We want Piglet to enjoy all aspects of Christmas, but we also want her to really understand what Christmas is all about. I’m just not sure how we are going to find a balance.  My parents always went overboard, they still do.  I always loved Christmas and the abundance of presents, and I grew up knowing what Christmas is really about.  So maybe we’re making a bigger deal than we have to…

I am preaching on this very issue this Sunday – in a way – so maybe by the time the sermon is delivered I will have a better answer for myself…but probably not.


5 Responses

  1. Good luck! Don’t you love when you preach to yourself:) Glad your little one is doing better!!!

  2. Christmas stockings and candy canes are traditional and I have 2 children’s books that help make them a Christian focus (I just wish I could read them at school). We’ll have to read them to Piglet when she is older.

    The Legend of the Christmas Stocking & The Legend of the Candy Cane. I really like the Candy Cane story. There is a man who moves to a new town and opens up a candy store and has a new candy that no one has seen before (candy cane) and he tells people that when you hold it one way, it looks like a shepherd’s staff and when you hold it another way, it is a J for Jesus and he tells people the good news of Christmas. I think it is cute …

  3. haha! sera has that same little people set and patrick’s mom made the same comment about joseph! you preachers! 😉

  4. joseph probably needed a stick to keep the animals from trying to feed out the manger. I think if you tell piglet that, it will be one of those things she will think about as an adult and finally realize you made it up. 🙂

  5. hey dorothy! for what it’s worth, we have been trying to make the same decision about santa/really upholding the meaning of Christmas… it’s been pretty easy so far because lucy is so scared of santa that when i mentioned his name last year she started crying. but, i think what we’ve decided is to teach our girls the story of st. nicholas, and explain santa through that story. we do the 3 gifts from us (and i’ve heard of people who do it where one represents the gold – that’s the most prized gift – etc) and santa brings something in the stocking. so far our santa likes bringing fruit. haha. anyway, there are so many ideas out there, i know you guys will find what’s the right way to celebrate Jesus’ birth for Piglet and your family. by the way, I’m dying to know her real name. 🙂

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