Piglet meets Christmas

When Piglet woke up this morning, I was excited to show her the Christmas decorations.  At first, she was not really interested.  Then she slowly approached the tree.  Stared at it for a while.  Then finally reached out her hand and softly touched a branch.  By the end of the day she was shaking the branches and yanking ornaments off the tree (we did in fact underestimate her reach and had to make a few adjustments).  I think she’s a fan of the tree – we just can’t leave her alone in the living room for very long anymore.

But my favorite moment of the day was her stopping in her tracks at the sight of her nativity set mid rush to the kitchen at hearing the word “breakfast”.  She stopped, looked at this new thing on her toy shelf.  The she slowly walked over, took Mary and put her aside.  Then she looked at it some more, took Joseph and set him aside.  Then my love pushed the music button, and she danced to “Away in a Manger”.  Then she took the baby Jesus and placed him gently to the side.  Then she pulls the barn and puts it on the floor, then with one fluid motion of her right arm, she knocks all of the other characters on the floor.  At least she showed a little respect for the holy family.


One Response

  1. That is so precious! I can just see her knocking down the rest of the nativity scene after carefully placing Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus to the side! When are coming for a visit???

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