Mission: Failed

4:20 am – baby wakes up, and rolls around in her crib, stands up and paces in the crib – crying every 5 minutes (we have a video monitor now, so I can spy on her at night, or in the early morning)

4:40 am – baby finally puts herself to sleep

5:00 am – baby wakes up again, mommy gets her, changes her 20 lb diaper, and sits on the couch with her

5:15 am – baby drifts off to blissful sleep

5:20 am – mommy tries to get comfortable on couch while not waking blissfully sleeping baby

5:30 am – mommy and baby are both blissfully sleeping on the couch

7:00 am – baby opens eyes, points to TV and says, arff

7:30 am – baby and mommy wake up daddy

And the day continues as normal, just with mommy getting more and more tired with each early morning.


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