Last One EVER

What did you do on Friday night?  Dinner and a Movie with your significant other?  Party with some friends?  Relaxing evening at home?  I hope you had fun.  What did I do?  I spent 13 hours with 11 youth (10 boys).

6:00 pm – Arrive, load the bus, go pick up 3 youth who are late slackers.  All the kids talk about how they’re going to stay up all night – not sleep one bit.   But they don’t know that I have a sinister plan to wear them out and make them sleep a little at least.

7:00 pm – Eat dinner at Fatz – ps. there’s a reason it’s called Fatz

8:30 pm – Festival of Lights – this was a 3-mile slow drive through a county park with various light displays.  I set a bad example and let the youth jump out of the moving bus to get pictures with their favorites. 


10:10 pm – Arrive at Chick-Fil-A to use our free ice dream coupons only to find that they close at 10:00. bummer.

10:30 pm – Arrive at Krispy Kreme to use our free doughnut coupons only to find the HOT AND NOW sign was on…triple the fun.  30 minutes of easy entertainment watching the doughnuts coming down the line.  And we were all quite heartbroken when we saw that the not-so-pretty ones get trashed.  We told them that we would be happy to take them off their hands, but no such luck.


12:00 am – Drop one youth off at home because he had to work the next day, then back to the church for Man Hunt, Sardines, and a Piano -off. 

1:30 am – Back on the bus and onto Walmart for random games.


3:00 am – Onto I-Hop for some early breakfast.  Yeah, the staff was really excited when they saw us coming through the door.  Or terrified, one or the other.


4:00 am – Back to the church, put in movie – Fred Claus.

4:10 am – Every last kid was asleep.

6:45 am – My alarm goes off.  Turn lights on.  Gleefully announce.  “Rise and Shine – Get out!”

7:00 am – Drive home, discussing how we will NEVER do this again. ever.  We’re too old.


8 Responses

  1. you deserve some type of award for that. no doubt. the pictures of piglet are so cute!

  2. totally with you. never. again. my last lock-in was three years ago.

  3. Let me know if you figure out how to get out of it… I’m still working on that one!

  4. Frances – not an award, but a crazy pill

    Rebekah – I’m a slow learner, we did 4 a year at Trinity – that was really crazy

    Jo – next year, we are going do a night-on-the-town where we will still go out and explore the area, but we will be done by 1:00 and take everyone home (our town is small enough that we can actually do that in a short amount of time). and i’m not really asking permission. they’ll get over it.

  5. I think there most be lock-in related amnesia that hits a few months after a lock-in and allows you to agree to another one. We are having one Friday night. We did this last year too, and I swore that it was a rookie first year pastor mistake to have a lock-in at the end of Advent and right before Christmas Eve craziness at the church. But alas, I planned another one for this year, and I am 8 months pregnant, so I must be certifiably insane!

  6. Best lesson I ever learned at Trinity was kicking the kids out at 7am so that I could go home and get some sleep!!!!

  7. specifically because of this post, I said to our youth director today, “have I ever mentioned that I don’t do lock-ins? You should know that about me.” 🙂

  8. Morgan – lock-ins while pregnant probably not the best idea. Neither is one with a 2-month old. Last year, we didn’t have enough advisors, and I was Piglet’s sole source of food, so we both went on the lock-in – it was not my idea of fun. and it had to be sleep deprivation, or amnesia, that made me think it was a good idea to ever do one again.

    Megan – I kicked the kids out at 7:00, but with a toddler, you can’t really spent the whole next day sleeping – I think that’s why this was really my LAST one EVER. It took me 3 days to not be a zombie.

    Rebekah – good thing to be upfront now so there’s no question later. so even when she’s desperately looking for help last minute, you can say, “I told you I don’t do lock-ins” without feeling guilty

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