Bad Santa

We were out eating dinner last night, because we’ve forgotten how to go to the grocery store and cook a meal.   Actually, we know that the bad economy is affecting restaurants, so we are just doing our part to help them out.  We don’t want any of our favorite restaurants to close.

Anyway – I digress.   Whenever we go out, Piglet likes to look around at all of the people, wave, and say hello.   She was talking to everyone last night.  Until, one man came in and sat down behind her.  She saw him, he waved, she turned around back to me, put her arms up, and said “Up”.   You see, this man had a big white beard.  Aparently her encounter with Santa was really bad.

We were done eating, so I picked her up.  She held on really tight.  The closer we got to his table, the harder she gripped.  When we got to his table, he and his wife started talking to her.  She lasted about 30 seconds then started crying, burrying her face in my shoulder and digging into my arms with her hands.

So we left. 

It’s really interesting to me because she will go to anyone usually.  What is it about this man with the big white beard that  scares her?

3 Responses

  1. When I was little I was terrifed of Santa, Big Bird, and Colonel Sanders, the Kentucky Fried Chicken man.

  2. A friend of mine’s little girl is also terrified of Santa. When she was at the Middle School Conference, there was a Small Group Leader with a big white beard and she freaked out any time she saw him. It made life interesting! The scary beard thing also carried over to being afraid of Jesus. Not so good for a minister/church workers child! Hopefully Piglet’s fears won’t transfer over!

  3. You were also afraid of Santa until you were 3 1/2. She didn’t mind Pops’ white beard…it wasn’t a “Santa” beard though.

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