I felt the earth move under my feet

When we bought our house 2 years ago, we were encouraged to buy earthquake insurance.  We didn’t really understand the need until we turned left out of our neighborhood one day to see that the very next street is called FAULT LINE ROAD.  great.  Aparently, this area is in fact on a fault line.  And aparently, there is a big huge earthquake every 200 years.  Aparently, the last one was in 1808.  great.

So this morning as I was enjoying a nice hot shower in my nice clean bathroom (I cleaned like a fiend yesterday), I heard/felt something akin to a large truck hitting our house.  I poked my head out of the shower to listen and look.  I didn’t hear or see anything, so I thought that maybe it was just the HVAC coming on – it was on the other side of the bathroom wall.  So I went back to showering.  Then my love runs into the bathroom carrying Piglet asking if I was ok.  So then I assumed that it was in fact not just the HVAC coming on.  So I finish and get out. 

My love had run outside and talked to our neighbor who said that it was an earthquake and that she used to live in California and that usually there is always an aftershock.  So my love is convinced that we all need to go stand outside until the aftershock comes.  I think this is silly and continue getting dressed.  He is a little flustered.

Then the radio people start talking about it – everyone is calling in to talk about it.  The radio people are also from California and act like Northerners who are hearing Southerners talke about snow.  You don’t get concerned about an earthquake until buildings start falling over.

But alas we did have an earthquake that registered 3.6 on the scale.  Fun Times.  I hope that all we get, I can do without the big huge earthquake that occurs every 200 years, thank you very much.

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