If you look over to the right —>  you’ll se that I’ve added some links.  When I started reading blogs, I only read ones if I knew the author.  But lately, I’ve been branching out and have found some that I really like.  At night when my love is studying and there’s nothing on TV, this is what I do.  So check them out if you’re so inclined – they’re pretty funy.

I’ve also added links to the photography website of some friends.  If you ever need pictures taken in the Charlotte or Spartanburg areas, you should check them out.  I think they’re pretty talented.


And some random updates on Piglet:

And I forgot some updates, so I’m adding them now in red.

Piglet is FINALLY healthy after over  four months of various illnesses.  It’s amazing how different she is now – in such a better mood now that she doesn’t have reflux, or congestion, or runny nose, or coughing, or ear infection, or fever, or vomiting, or diarrhea, or constipation, or teething pain.  It was a rough few months for sure.  But now, she’s really coming into her own little personality.  She is so stinkin’ funny. and smart.

She has developed this really deep belly laugh that comes out at the weirdest times – I think she has a pretty warped sense of humor. 

She will touch her toes and say, “wee wee wee” in a high pitched voice – as in “This little piggy cried wee wee wee all the way home”.

She has learned many of her body parts – mouth, nose, tongue, ears, hair, head, cheek, feet, hands, belly, eyes.  We are a little afraid to ask her where her eyes are because she pokes herself in the eye rather hard.

She has 12 teeth now – she really worked hard for those last 4 (molers).

The past two days when I went to pick her up from school, I had a little moment of panic because I didn’t see her.  Both times, she was under the cribs, aparently she went in after a ball.

She is saying lots of new words – cookie, eye, up, this, yogurt, and the dreaded, NO.

She likes to teese us with food.  She will pretend like she’s going to share a piece of food with us, then as we are leaning down to take a bite, she takes it away and shakes her head.  This is probably not a great habit, but it’s pretty darn funny right now.

We are amazed at all that she comprehends.  Like whenever we say, “Let’s go: get breakfast, get ready for bed, get dressed, take a bath, get some milk” – she knows exactly what we’re saying and goes to the appropriate room. 

Once she’s gotten dressed, she goes over and gets her jacket so she can put it on.

When looking in a mirror, we ask her “where’s Piglet?” and she points to herself.  My love is really excited about this because he learned in his classes that babies weren’t supposed to do that until 18 months.  Such a proud daddy.

When we ask her where baby Jesus is, she picks him out of the nativity.

She has started to mimic my hand motions – that’s pretty entertaining.

When she wants you to follow her, she will stop, and motion for you to follow with her hand, and wait until you come before she continues.

She never really latched onto a pacifyer or a lovie before, but now she has found love with Curious George.  Her Aunt Kathryn gave it to her over Thanksgiving and now it’s the only thing that will calm her down sometimes.  And she gets really excited whenever she sees him.  I guess he’s the perfect hugging size.

Alright, I think I’m done.  I told you it would be random updates….but I’m afraid I’ll forget if I don’t write it down somewhere.

2 Responses

  1. holy cow! 12 teeth?! josh only has 6!

  2. smart just like her Mama

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