watch and learn

Piglet has become very interested in whatever is going on in the kitchen lately.  Whenever we are working on something on the counter or washing something in the sink, she wedges herself between the cabinet and my legs and starts pushing me away from the counter until I can no longer do what I’m trying to do…she’s uncannily strong.  Then I have to pick her up and hold her while I do whatever it is that I’m doing – she wants to watch everything:  cooking dinner, my love making coffee, washing dishes, wiping the counter, getting something out of the refrigerator or pantry.

And tonight, whenever the timer would go off, she would get really excited, say “ooh” and run into the kitchen so she could watch me take out the chicken and flip it – now cooking is a three person job, one person to cook, one Piglet to watch intensely, and another person to hold her so she doesn’t climb into the oven when it’s open.

2 Responses

  1. Dude!!! James is doing the same thing! So much so that I decided he needed a kitchen of his own for Christmas. A manly kitchen that is!

  2. Maybe by the age of 5, she will have her own cooking show. I read this article soon after I read your blog, so I thought I would share:

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