Family Weekend

As much as there is to get done around the house, we decided to have a family fun weekend since there won’t be much time for that once school starts again.  We had a great time – just the three of us.  I even played hookey from church this morning – we worshipped elsewhere, it was nice. 

We started off at the aquarium yesterday (we had two free passes, and Piglet is free anyway – woo-hoo).  Piglet loved looking at the fish, but her favorites were the bald eagle and the skunk.  go figure.  I thought she would like the otters, but as her face was pressed against the glass, the otter swam right to her and scared her.  So we had to move on. 

But whatever we were looking at, she had to point.

taylor-2061    taylor-2091    taylor-2081

Then we did some shopping (more about that tomorrow – stay tuned).   I got a spot bot – woo-hoo, thanks to grammy and pops.  I figure with the pee, throw up, and poop on our carpet, we needed to get something.   We got some GREAT deals at the outlet mall today.  amazing really.  We went to town at Old Navy and Gymboree; I couldn’t believe how cheep things were.  Then we went to one store where everything was 50% off, and got some great puzzles for Piglet.  She’s becoming a pro at shapes.


We also just spent a lot of time playing with all of her new toys from Christmas – never a dull moment.   Would you please look at that face!  Can you tell she enjoys her new toys?!


Tomorrow it’s back to real life:  sun room conversion, errands, housework, etc.  Good and productive, but definitely not as much fun.


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