wild goose chase

A week before Christmas, Piglet went outside on the playground at school for the first time.  Ever since then, she wants to be outside all the time.  We have not been good about letting her play outside because our yard is such a mess.  The back has had dangerous construction debris, high weeds, and fire ant hills all over the place.  And the front yard has a road in front of it.  Anyway, we cleaned up the back yard and decided that Piglet needed a little playset for Christmas. 

So, on Christmas Eve Eve, we went to Toys R Us (not our best idea).  There wasn’t much left, but the one we liked the best was actually still in stock.  And when we got to the counter, we found out that it was on sale ($30 less).  woo-hoo!  Then we waited for the guy to bring the box up front so we could load it in the car.  and we waited.  and waited.  and waited.  He finally came out to tell us that they in fact did not have it in stock.  So we got our refund and went on our way, quite disappointed.  We figured that she would have plenty to open on Christmas morning, so we could wait a few days to get the playset – spread out the excitement – don’t want Christmas Overdose.

Then I went to another store to check out their selection, only to find that they didn’t have any in our price range…the had all gigantic playsets.  cool, but unrealistic. 

Then we tried to go to another Toys R Us.  But drove back and forth on the street where it was supposed to be 800 times before giving up and finding out that the store had closed.  Bummer. 

So I took my love to the other store to convince him and myself that we could spend a little more…I was now determined.  He wasn’t convinced and said we should try the first Toys R Us one more time.  So we did, still nothing. 

Then I had a idea – we went to the children’s consignment shop.  And the first set that we liked was there!  So exciting, but as we got closer, we saw that it had a sold sticker on it.  We were 15 minutes too late.  Defeated.

Then another idea, Craig’s List.  I’ve never used it before, there’s some pretty crazy things on there.  But I did find a play set with a little slide for $30.   It is not my favorite (I got attached to the fancy ones), but you can’t beat the used price.  We went and picked it up last night.  I THOROUGHLY cleaned it this morning, and voila – fun outside time for Piglet.   Mission accomplished. 

And then she played.  This face was totally worth it:



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  1. I want to come play in her new play set!

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