either I’ve still got it or I’m really losing it, maybe both

I haven’t posted in a while because it’s been pretty boring around here just working on our new playroom and cleaning like crazy.  But today, I got really dressed.  Meaning I wore something other than a t-shirt.  AND my hair was not in a pony tail.  That’s a big deal.

On my way to lunch with a friend, I dropped off a pair of pants at the alterations place for a new zipper (things get dicey when the zipper gets stuck and I’ve had too much sweet tea).   On my way back to my car, these two guys (young 20s) passed by.  One of them said, “Hey, how are you?”  I said, “Fine, how are you?”  Then he said, “You sho’ look cute, you know that?”  I got in my car and just had to laugh.

Then after lunch, I went to pick Piglet up from school.  I had her shoes in my hand because she always takes them off at school.  I set them on top of the car to get her in her car seat.  When we got home, I looked all over the car and in my purse for the shoes.  Then I realized where I put them and didn’t get them.  I looked on the roof, and they were still there, wedged under the roof rack.  If not for that, they would surely have flown off.  I’ve always wondered how people lose random shoes on the road.


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