who needs tv

With Piglet’s sleep issues, we broke down and got a video monitor sometime around Thanksgiving.  It’s the best thing ever, I don’t know how we ever lived without it.  As many issues as we’ve had with Piglet not sleeping through the night and waking up way too early and not sleeping during the day, we are lucky that she goes down really easily.  We always thought that she went to sleep shortly after I laid her in her crib because she usually doesn’t make a peep.

Last night, Russ was at a meeting, so I was bored after I put her down.  So I decided to get out the video monitor and watch her.  The next 20 minutes provided much entertainment.  I wish you could record video off of the monitor.  But since I can’t, I’ll play sports announcer – you have to imagine the announcer voice.

Piglet stands up – picks up the George and lays a fat slobery one on him – so sweet.  But wait, now she throws him down and tackles him.  Then rolls him into the side of the crib to finish him off.  And she takes her blanket and pulls it over her face and rolls on top of it to smother it.  Then she picks up George again and tries to play nice.
She paces back and forth in the ring, trampling over everything in her path.  She stops and stands at the edge of her crib staring down the darkness.  Then she lays back down and attempts a head stand – oh, fail.  Then she back on her stomach.  now on her side.  now her back.  and back to her stomach.  and now she shows off her downward dog yoga pose.  well done.  nice form.   then she rolls back over to her side, grips the railing with her right hand.  and she’s out cold.  ladies and gentlemen, what a show.  what an effort made by Piglet tonight to put herself to sleep. 
Tune in tomorrow night for a rematch – Piglet vs. Sleep

3 Responses

  1. I know! We have the video monitor and couldn’t do without it!!! When we moved to Europe the top on our “to figure out electricity conversion” list was the monitor. Provides so much entertainment. Like your account! Reid

  2. Why can’t she do that in the daytime for naps…I don’t understand…

  3. We have got to get her and James together! Two peas in a pod!!!

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