Birth Order Theory

In seminary, we had to write a paper on our family genogram, which is like a family tree but with some added details about health, lifestyles, trends, etc. to help us learn more about how our relationships with our mothers has screwed us up and will affect our ability to minister.  No, not really.  Well, maybe for some people.  In my paper I documented that EVERYONE in my nuclear and extended families had been to one of four SC colleges, with over half going to USC, and that all but two family members lived within 2 hours of the hometown epicenter.  We have trouble branching out.  But I digress.

The first line in my paper was “I’m the first daughter of a first daughter of a first daughter” – I remember my professor wrote “Wow” in the margins.  Birth order theory tells you that first children, especially if they are female, generally have caretaker type personalities, and that holds true for the first women in my family.  My grandmother, the nurse.  My mother, the nurse/teacher/uber volunteer.  Me, the minister.  And now add another first to that list and you have Piglet.

Piglet is now the oldest one in her class now that a few of her friends have moved up to the next class.  I think she feels the responsibility of being the oldest – the one who knows the ropes.  I walked into her classroom today, and she was behind the rocker with another kid who was crawling around crying.  (The teachers were both holding other kids who they were trying to feed or get to sleep).   She started to walk toward me, but then stopped and just kept pointing at the other baby.  I walked toward her, and she walked back over to the baby, still pointing and looking between me and her.  Then she squatted down and looked at the baby, and started smiling and waving as if to try to calm her down or make her laugh.  She did not want to leave with me because she was so concerned that this other baby was so upset.  She wanted me to pick up the crying baby.  So. yeah.  I have the sweetest kid.  EVER.

But then I told this story to Russ, and he said, “maybe she felt bad because she had just bitten the other baby.”  could be.  oh well.  so much for my nice theory.


2 Responses

  1. lol!
    i think that theory of first female children is true. sera is VERY motherly to josh. he even sees her as a mother figure. he lets her console him and hold him. when i’m not around he actually acts like she is his mommy. when my in laws keep them overnight he wants sera to rock him to sleep! sad, but sweet. sounds like piglet fits right into that theory!

  2. I’m the first daughter of a first daughter of a first daughter, too! I support your theory. sweet girl.

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