we’re eatin’ now

We have begun to let Piglet use a spoon or fork on a regular basis now.  It’s pretty entertaining, and really messy, but she is getting the hang of it.  Our first attempt:  yogurt


Then tonight, she discovered the joy of DIPPING FOOD IN KETCHUP.  Lately, she hasn’t eaten very well at dinnertime.  I was worried about tonight’s dinner – Low Country Boil – thinking we would probably have to cave and give her yogurt after she wouldn’t eat what we were eating.  But tonight, she ate like the Piglet that she is.   And everything got dipped in ketchup – who knew?!  Of course, we are still working on putting the food on the fork so that it can be neatly dipped.  Being covered in ketchup is way more fun I guess.


And tonight we also practiced her ever-growing vocabulary (I think we’re up to 35 words).  Make that 36, her newest word:  Cheers


yep, we are stellar parents.


2 Responses

  1. 36!? It hasn’t been that long since I saw her … I want a list of the 36 words 🙂

    By the way, the “Cheers” picture is beyond cuteness!!

  2. I think the ketchup goes with her sweet tooth…it usually has corn syrup or some kind of sugar in it.

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