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I have been thinking about enrolling Piglet into a gym class for a while now because it would be something fun for us to do together, it would help her with new skills, and it would be a good way for me to meet some other moms my age.  So I signed up for free trial classes at The Little Gym and Rolly Pollies.  We went to TLG last Saturday, and had our RP class this morning.  I’m not sure which program I like better.  TLG class was HUGE because I think there were 5 extra kids like us who were trying it out, but I liked the program better.  The RP class only had 2 other kids, which was kind of weird and one of the moms drove me crazy, but their equipment was SO MUCH MORE FUN.  The good thing is that we got another free class at TLG because there were so many kids last time, so we’ll give it another shot next week.   But I think we will definitely enroll in one of them.  You could tell how well the kids who had been in the classes the longest were doing with all of the stunts and how they knew exactly what to do when a certain song was played or sung.

At both places, it was really fun watching Piglet…she had a great time.  But I did learn some things about her:

  1. She does not have good depth perception yet.  She would just keep walking off the edge of a mat or trampolene without stopping to take a step down.  On the little mats, she would just stumble a little, but she took a nose dive off the trampolene.  Luckily she fell onto cushy steps.
  2. She is fearless; she’ll try anything.  The teacher at TLG was impressed with how comfortable she was on all of the equipment considering it was her first time.
  3. She does tend to want to do her own thing rather than what the class is supposed to be doing.  She likes to explore.
  4. Whenever the teachers would be singing songs to transition or play, Piglet would just get up and dance.
  5. She really likes to look at herself in the mirror…she spent the majority of our time this morning at the mirror making faces.
  6. She loves the slide – the huge inflatable one was really fun.
  7. When she can’t do something (like when one step was too high for her to climb on by herself), she gets really mad. 


In other random news:

Piglet now says brush and star and George

When I brought her to school (late after her RP class) the teachers said, “now we can have some fun.”  Aparently, she’s the life of the party in her class….she’s now the oldest, which means she’ll be the next one to move up, which makes me very sad.

I just had a yummy covered dish lunch with the Seniors Group,  and I find it hard to move.


2 Responses

  1. micah is in a gymnastics “mommy and me” class now for 6 mths. we love it and i actually made a best friend there. hope that it goes as well for you. warning: the 2nd time for us was when micah chose to freak out and rebel against all things organized. he fooled us on his first class. now it is hit or miss as to his participation. but piglet sounds much more compliant as are all the other girls in his class:) just have fun and enjoy it!

  2. SDH – ever since I started back to work, i would drive by the TLG and always think that I needed to look up schedules, but never did. The stories on your blog is what finally got me to do it. And I noticed that only half the kids were all participation all the time, so hopefully even if she isn’t they won’t care.

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