I am spending the long weekend in Disney World with over 1000 youth from three denominations at an event called Faith in 3D.  We left Friday morning at 6:00am.  I will not have access to internet while we are there (nor will I have time to post althought I’m sure the material would be abundant), so I am writing a few blogs ahead of time.  This is your first “Away From My Desk” blog post:

I saw this heading tothis article:  8 States are Tobacco Flunkees, and knew that SC had to be one of them, so I clicked on the article, and sho’nuf I was right.  It really is ridiculous how few steps SC has taken to educate people, raise taxes on cigarettes, and eliminate smoking in public places.  In our town, there are only 8 restaraunts that are completely smoke-free.  That’s unbelievable!  We were so spoiled living in Atlanta where everything was smoke free.  And now we have to request Non-smoking, and still get seated close enough to the smoking section to smell it.  I mean, really people, how do you expect a half-wall to keep the smoke from getting to the other section?!  With all of the research on the impact of second-hand smoke, how in the world are people still allowed to smoke in a public building?!  I just don’t get it. 

Speaking of smoking, when people come into the church office smelling like smoke asking for money for gas or groceries, I’m always tempted to yell, “Well why don’t you stop buying ciggarettes and spend THAT money to buy food for your kids?!”  I have little sympathy for this.  And I don’t know how to handle that.   I know times are hard for many people, but we all make choices about how we spend the money we do have.

2 Responses

  1. I would like to hop up on that soap box with you if there is room! You should see the idiots around here on the news now that RH has gone smoke free claiming civil liberties violations and stuff like “My momma smoked and her momma smoked and aint none of us got the cancers yet.” Insane!!!

  2. My poor, poor children suffer from their parents’ idiotic behavior. I have to smell them all day with the way to strong, permanent smoke smell on their 2 sizes to small jackets. Their book bags, clothes, hair, everything smells horrible. THEN, the parents claim they don’t have enough money to pay for their child to go on a field trip. “I would rather smoke than let my child go on an enjoyable, educational field trip” What are they thinking!?!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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