Her man

 His name is George.  He is a monkey.

She abosolutely loves her George.  Whenever we read a book that has a monkey in it, she starts yelling – AhAh!  and pointing because she wants to hold George while we read.  She has to hold him as she drifts off to sleep – she sucks on his ears and toes.  She gives him wet slobbery kisses.  Yesterday, we were dancing in the living room, when she wiggled down so she could get George and dance with him.

She also treats him like her baby – putting him in her little stroller, pretending to feed him.  Then this morning, she laid him on the floor, covered him with a blanket,  put her hand on his stomach, and said “Shh, Shh.” 

Then later this morning, I was paying bills and balancing budgets with the Today Show on in the background.  I heard the channel change, looked over, and saw this:


I’m not sure how, but she turned the channel to watch Curious George.


4 Responses

  1. That makes my heart smile 🙂 I am not sure whether to say “I’m sorry” or “Your welcome” to the parents. I feel a need to go out & buy her a lot of monkey stuff now …

    • please try to limit the amount of monkey things you buy her…although I too understand the urge – I bougt her a shirt with a monkey on it this weekend. it was only $5, I couldn’t pass it up. But we do really love George – I hoped to find a back-up but it looks like Kohls is all out of Georges – bummer

  2. I know how you feel, Aunt Kathryn. When she was at my house she pointed to the TV and said “AhAh”. Luckily I had recorded a Curious George episode and was able to oblige:-)

  3. Too funny Roommate. George is Allen’s favorite, too. Sleeps with him every night…

    Can’t wait to see you and your piglet in 2 weeks!!

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