I knew it was coming

Piglet’s school has sent lots of notes home.  We get the daily note about what she ate, how long she slept, when she pooped – very exciting stuff.  We’ve gotten the notes about injuries that she had.  We’ve gotten notes about injuries she’s inflicted – namely biting (thankfully, she hasn’t had one of those notes in over a month).

And today, I got the note with “guess who’s moving up” at the top.  That’s right, my Piglet will no longer be a Creeper as of February 2nd.  She will be a Toddler.  I don’t know why, but this makes me really sad.   I know she’s still little, but man she grows and changes so fast – I just can’t stand it.

Plus I really like her teachers right now, and she likes the class.  What if we don’t like the new teachers as much?  What if she cries everyday when I leave her again?  What if she picks up bad habits from the older kids?  What if she doesn’t handle the new routine well – like the long afternoon naptime?   What if she grows up too fast?

I’m a mess.


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