I told him so

There have been many times in our 5.5 years of marriage that I have said to Russ, “one day you’ll learn to listen to me” becuase I always know where things are and I am most often right, really.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t learned yet, but I am surely closer to proving my point.

I have always taken vitamins, and have tried to get him to take them because I would rarely get sick and he would be near death several times a year (not actually, but you would have thought so based on his pitiful state – see this post by Racher).   I even bought him a bottle of vitamins once, but it went bad because he wouldn’t take them.  THEN he goes to medical school and learns that vitamins are good for you – lo! and behold! – and buys a bottle and takes them everyday.

He also has always stayed up late for no reason, and complains that he’s tired in the morning when he has to get up early for class.  I’m like “well you should go to bed earlier than staying up watching stupid tv” and he’s all “but I can’t fall asleep early.”  And I’m like “well maybe you drink too much sweet tea for dinner”.  And he’s all, “that’s not why, besides I like staying up late – not everyone likes to go to bed early and get up early like you”.   And I respond, “not everyone likes getting up early, but most people have to – the real world starts work and school early, so you should just get used to it.”  And he’s all, “nu-uh”  And this conversation would repeat every 5-6 weeks.

Also, I’ve been on his case about how he eats full meals late at night because 1) That’s just not healthy and 2) It probably contributes to the fact that he doesn’t sleep well.

THEN he found out his blood pressure is high, so NOW he’s trying to cut back on his caffeine intake and eat better.

THEN last night,  he said something like, “I need to start going to bed early and get more sleep.  I couldn’t get to sleep last night because I had too much tea at dinner.”   

Somehow, he’s completely forgotten anything I’ve said on the matter in the last 5.5 years, but I know.  And now you know.   And I still think that one day he will learn.  Even if it’s when we’re 98 and he can’t remember his own name so he won’t have a choice.


2 Responses

  1. He will never learn. And he will forget and/or deny that you ever told him so in the first place. It’s the way of the man. We must have pity on them.

  2. That happens to me all the time. What would really drive me crazy was when I would come up with a great idea at work, tell my boss, and she would kind of blow it off and then 6 weeks later she would come up with this GREAT idea, call me in her office and proceed to tell me MY great idea and then say …’ it just came to me. Isn’t it great?’


    Can’t wait to see you. Love you mucho!

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