random statements

We had a youth group Super Bowl Party last night.  At 6:47  we were still watching pregame stuff.  All of a sudden someone was like, “wasn’t kick off at 6:28?”  And then someone else gets a txt from a friend “did you see that play?!”  Then we realized that the dvr had been paused at some point and we missed the first 20 minutes of the Super Bowl.  And that’s at least 10 comercials.  man!   But at least I saw the Potato Head one.  classic.

We raised $862.09 for the Souper Bowl of Caring.  That’s a record for us.  Hooray.

I have a cold + I worked out two days IN A ROW +  I’m trying to give up caffeine = pain.  everywhere.

Piglet started in her new room today.  She didn’t cry.  Neither did I.  I hope the rest of the day goes well.

So you know how a few weeks ago, I said that I wanted another baby, but it wasn’t time.  Well – just to add salt to the wound:  everyone at church has decided that we need to have another baby.  And they tell me this – many times.  “Piglet is so big, don’t you think it’s time for another one?”  NOT helpful, people.


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