We had a talent show tonight at church – it was a fundraiser for the youth group.  We didn’t raise as much money as I had hoped, but man was it fun!  Though I am reminded how untalented I am.  I know God has given me gifts and skills, but God surely did not include a performance-type talent. 

I was in awe the whole evening of the talent of others.  We had several young pianists, and one older teenager (age 15) who hopes do perform professionally, which is totally possible.  I really wish I had a recording.  He first played a song he WROTE, then at the end of the evening when I called for any improv talent – he came up and did this crazy jazzy number – there were at least 20 jaws on the floor.  When asked if anyone wanted to follow THAT….only his brother volunteered with a handspring back tuck.  What a family.

We also had a guitar player/singer who was phenominal, a trumpet, a baritone/comedian, and a clarinet.  My favorite was the 6th grade boy who did a Huck Finn monologue – it was 10 minutes long and he added a thick country accent – hilarious and unbelievable!! 

We also made the audience do a little Numa – they were amazingly compliant (those will be the best pictures to post online tomorrow at the church website – they really got into the posing part).

Piglet even made an appearance – her parents have no talent, so we used our kid for entertainment.  We tried to get her to do all of her animal noises, but she mostly tried to eat the microphone. 

At the end of the evening, we announced our next fundraiser – A Womanless Beauty Pageant.   Any takers?

Anyway, after being thoroughly convinced of my lack of talent, we come home to find an e-mail from my uncle about my cousin.   There was an article about her on her college’s website – she’s a freshman softball pitcher.  The starter got hit in the face and was out of commission and couldn’t play, so it was up to Mary to do it alone.  She pitched a doubleheader, and the other team only scored 3 runs…combined.   The first game was a shut out.  Amazing.  And the picture of her in action was pretty fierce – you don’t mess with this girl, she will take off your head:


I am pretty proud of her and all of the youth, children, and adults who shared their talents this evening, and very himbled by them.



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