or more commonly referred to as “outside”.   This is Piglet’s favorite place to be, so hooray for warm weather.  Her class spends a lot of time outside, so she is just in heaven.  And so am I because I can see her play from my office window (and make sure the teachers are treating her right!)   She even cried when I picked her up on Monday because she wanted to stay on the playground.   This was her playing on Monday – taken with my spy camera from my office – she’s in brown:


She’s really funny outside.  I watched her pick up sweet gum balls one at a time and place them in a row on the bench.  I watched her fall down those little stairs in the picture, but she just stood up, brushed off her pants and kept on going.  But mostly, she just runs around with no real direction or purpose except to run – like Forest Gump.

But the downside of outside is how dirty she gets.  And her teachers aren’t as OCD about cleaning her up as I might be.  This is what she looked like yesterday when I picked her up.  Notice her hands and face – is she eating the dirt?!  yeah, probably:


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